Directory of a Dream Life 50+
DDL50+ is a physical journal, a workshop, a weekly podcast, one-to-one coaching and an event.
It''s all grown out of the fact that through personal experience, 
I KNOW that it is possible to change old habits no matter how old you are.  
And we're not too old to take advantage of opportunities that just didn't exist when we were younger.
We've worked hard and should by now be enjoying an amazingly happy life!
If you're not living yours yet
or you think (like I did) that you're too old or set in your ways to change your habits, read on!
Because that's what I believed too.
Turns out I was wrong!
So join me as I share how learning new tricks gave me a new lease of life!
Marchia xx
The Journal
A diary & planner with additional bonus material that's dedicated to our age group, keeping you inspired and accountable.
An ideal gift.
The  Workshops
Our physical and online workshops will give you the basic steps and support to prepare to make the rest of your life the best of your life!

The Online Workshops is scheduled to launch in November 2019.  ORDER NOW AT THE EARLYBIRD RATE!  

For information about attending a workshop in your town, email me:
The Store
Online and physical products 
from companies and products 
that I fully endorse.

From giving up alcohol to finding clothes that make me feel confident again.

The Podcast
Directory of a Dream Life 50+  is a weekly podcast, where I invite guests to chat about coping with change; mindset; appearance; relationships; work; career; technology; retirement; grandchildren ... 

Send in your little tips and life-hacks. Anything that makes our day that bit happier, easier or more productive.
I'm a TEDx trained speaker (through the Public Speaking Academy in the UK) and have spoken around the UK and internationally.  I'd be delighted to know about opportunities to present my story to your network or tribe!
  • How I Accidentally Stopped Drinking Alcohol
  • ​New Tricks, New Life.  A Personal Story
  • ​Value Vs Cost - Conversational Messenger Marketing
  • ​The Multifarious Life of a Jobbing Actor 
  • Goal Setting for Grannies
I have had the pleasure of spending quite some time with Marchia.  Book her, well if you can get her, busy bee.  She's overseas again soon.  Look her up. Connect ... Lots of good things to share ... vibrating high Connections for today, tomorrow and your future xx
Corporate Role-Play & Team Building 
Does your company run Training or Team-Building Events?
Most organisations and private companies recognise the need for on-going development for management and staff.  Using actors rather than your colleagues intensifies both the situation and the learning outcome. 
We can work with you to devise appropriate scenarios for training purposes.  
We also love the opportunity to add some light-relief to your conferences, seminars and corporate get-togethers!

Gurgle It uses professional actors who are all members of Equity - the UK Actors' Union.
(My own Equity name is Marchia Brogan).
Email address not required
Digital Marketing Agency
Ditch the worry of what you SHOULD be doing to attract and retain clients.
You can't afford to take your eye off the ball... 
Your in-house resources are strained - but you know you need to build an online presence that works for you.

So if you'd love to have  a 'virtual assistant' to provide prompt, relevant answers to enquires coming from Messenger or from your website - just get in touch and see if you'd like us to work together.

Enhance Your Company's Performance With Expert Services -Delivered To You Via Our  Old-School  Life & Business Experience  Combined With Current Marketing Methods  
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Directory of a Dream Life 50+
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